is a variety of and splix-style games!Fly a helicopter and capture at opponents during tense and epic duels!Build wall space to protect your self and conquer the maximum amount of territory as possibleFill places to amount up, upgrade your aircraft and buildings.Use awesome superpowers to conquer your opponents!how exactly to Enjoy defly.ioMove_ WASD (or arrow keys)Build_ Right Click or SpaceAim_ MouseShoot_ Left clickUpgrade_ click on the ability or press tips StrategyBuild towers with right-click or space and website link them together by going right through all of them.Once you near a location you’ll get score things and XP points.Walls may be used to protect yourself because the opponent bullets will jump upon it, but your bullets is certainly going throughout your walls!Stay shielded until such time you have levelled up-and break the enemies stupid enough to attack you!Extend your territory and attempt to conquer your whole mapUse the relevant skills appropriately_- athlete rate_ permit you to get completely faster- Bullet rate_ bullets reach the opponent more early- Bullet range_ your bullets to go farther- Reload speed_ you are able to take more often- Build length_ this 1 is a must to construct faster, but in addition to safeguard your self by building wall space in front of you during a battle- Tower guard_ protect your towers with a shield- Tower HP_ make it harder to destroy your towers, they’ll certainly be able to use up to 5 shotsAt amount 20 you will be provided one of the 6 superpowers that recharge in 30s_- Dual shot_ amazing fire power- Speed boost_ make quicker moves to escape or bypass enemy- Clone_ twice your firepower and confure your ennemy- Flashbang_ white out your opponents display for a few moments- Teleport_ suprise attacks or evasion… you decide!- Shield_ reduced the risks by allowing that simply take 1 chance without dying

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