is strategy io game where you’re wanting to endure with just the bare requirements. In a post-apocalyptic world, where nature takes back once again its rights, develop a bunker, tools, warm up and produce your personal food to safeguard yourself with this ruthless globe plus the a number of other survivorsHow to relax and play Devast.ioARROW KEY or WASD to moveLEFT SIMPLY CLICK to hitE to interactionSHIFT to speed upM for mapC to Craft and StrategyStart by crafting a hachet by hitting C (the Crafting Switch top left)Unlock abilities once you level upGather sufficient meals in order to make seeds and produce your food productionMake a hat to warm up or improve your tools which will make gunsSurvive, and beware the radiation!If you experiment lag, go through the poor settings, regarding setting key (the apparatus in the top remaining) 

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