is a challenging multiplayer .io game about gathering sources and building a base alone or along with your friends.Hit stones and trees to gather rocks and wood.You may use those resources to build wall space and gold diggers.The walls supply security for your base.The silver diggers can provide you gold as time passes.exactly like generally in most .io games, the target is to stage up by gathering sources.Make sure to look out for other folks as they can be hostile and attack you at any time. Have actually fun!CONTROLSMovement_ W,A,S,D KeysGather_Attack_ LMB or SpacebarLook_ MouseQuick choose [Health Potion]_ Q KeyQuick Select [Empty Hands]_ RMBAuto combat_ E keySelect Item_ 1-6 Keys or ClickInventory window_ we Key or Tab KeyShop window_ P KeyChat_ Enter KeyClose windows_ ESC Key

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